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Atmosphere: The pulse here at Cowgirl emanates from the walls, through the staff and into your food. Everything is AS ADVERTISED. If you can’t enjoy yourself here I have news for you; you’re dead! If it’s an evening there will probably be one party or event happening, you may get lucky and hear a local band. You could spend a solid 15-20min just checking out everything hanging on the walls, or people watch as you will see any and every type of person, and that’s one of the best things about Cowgirl.

Service: If you have seen a few of my posts I find it very hard to give a 5 in any category and in this case it was very close. Absolutely love the staff there. Interacted with Barry the owner on our second night, and the manager on the first. We only came back as I forgot my credit card. Everyone is well trained and on top of their game. It truly shows in the restaurant’s success.

Appearance: This will be the hardest part for me to cover. It is going to sound like I changed my tone, BUT I love the presentation on the platter and how the toppings were separated. Guacamole in a cup so I can put it aside, my favorite black olives, and black beans too. It really comes together well and when you look at the final platter photo you can see there was still enough balance to polish it off if I wanted. I’m going to say this method of layers worked fine as well, just don’t try it at home kids, this is for pros only

Taste: The chicken had exceptional flavor as did everything on the plate. Best of all the chips held up to the very end. Great job! I was creating combination after combination of loaded chips and every one tasted great. Now for a bit of truth. The name of these nachos made me think they would be spicy hot in some kind of way. They were not. The salsa was great but average hotness and the jalapeños tasted normal to me as well. The only way you would be disappointed with these nachos would be if you expected to have fire leaping off your tongue from the “Salsa Diablo”

NOTE: My wife and I did have a bit of beer and a few shots so the food tasted better and better as the night went off. But trust me, I’m being the hard nosed Nacho Hunter that I am for this review.

NOTE 2: There are so many items on the menu that are great. Ms Nacho Hunter had the BBQ Sampler and on the second night a standout was the “Cabeza de Ajo $8.00 a head of roasted garlic, in a plate of melted Jack cheese with tomatillo salsa and crostini slices”.

Value Given a few factors, the value is great. You are given a great atmosphere to eat in, great food and it’s not tourist pricing despite being close to the Plaza. They were not the largest but the quality was just so good it exceeded the portion, and that was really quite perfect. Would take these over the pizza platter I had in Los Cruses in a heartbeat.

NOTE: The value continues to areas like drinks and specials; they even have a loyalty program. Every business should do this in the tech age.

I have been to Santa Fe a few times, it is a small town in the Southwest that is arguably the hub for the arts culture in this region. It is mildly tourist, not that trendy, and “enchanting”. Nearly every place you dine you feel like it’s a locals joint with the exception of the Plaza. Previous attempts to visit Cowgirl presented late night lines that are not my style. This time we did lunch AND dinner and no lines at all. Cowgirl has some history to it and the owner is no joke; hopefully you are lucky enough to have Barry sit down with and chat about Santa Fe, life and food as we did. One of the nicest guys ever and one savvy business man. Want to know more, go for a visit.

TIP: Santa Fe closes down early and Cowgirl is one of the few places to get late night drink or food. It’s worth waiting in line and not giving in to Sonic Drive-In for a fix.

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  • Name of Location: Cowgirl BBQ
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  • Zip Code: 87501
  • Value: 8
  • Appearance: 8
  • Ambience: 10
  • Taste: 8
  • Service: 8
  • Total: 42/50
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