BEER MUSIC AND NACHOS @ High Desert Brewery Las Cruces NM


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Atmosphere: Well the intro has set the stage, here are a few other details. There is a good sized outdoor seating if the weather is good. For the music lover you can sit right up there and chat about what song to play next. They get some quality bands too, check out Located in an out of the way place so only folks who want to eat and drink and have fun are there. When firing on all cylinders this place is an easy 8.

Service: Staff was great, fun and easy to engage. Checked on us several times and advice on ordering too. Gave a little history on the place and the band that was about to play. Just enough to go above and beyond. The staff if very easy to engage and fun. 

Appearance: Yeah, this was an OMG! moment. I was talked down from the LARGE to the MEDIUM (I think) and I am very glad I did. Right next to us a group had the same platter and that was four of them. The size was amazing and being on a pizza platter is a plus. That said I did not get the try color chips as advertised and the beef was these funny pellets that did not excite me. Regardless this is something that makes you want to dig in and see how far you can get. Above average for sure.

Taste: So if you already looked at my score I gave these nachos an average. From the taste perspective there is nothing that stands out; except maybe the cheese as they had just the right amount. I would even go as far as saying that the chips hardly made an impression. Maybe they ran out of the trip color and this was the backup plan. I can give a pass on that; if that was the case. Everything was just good, not special in any way but absolutely not failing in any way either. That said, I would offer a better choice of meat. HDB also offers chili as a topping and I hard fast against chili on nachos but if you do; offer a better option like shaded beef or chicken and up the add-on price by a buck.

Value Ok, so I knocked the Taste a bit but the Value is still there. In fact I would suggest raising the price of the base offering by a buck each, there would still be value and each person would still need 2-3 beers to wash them down.

NOTE: On my next trip to HDB I will get ALL of the fried options, they sound sooooooo good.

In general I am a very low key guy that loves dive bars and simple joints. I shy away from trendy Millennial oriented places (please no hate mail on the Millennial comment). But every now and then you find a place where folks from all walks of life mesh into a pleasant experience, This is High Desert. You will find older, younger, college, tourists, and more all enjoying great beer and food. And if you are there at the right time, some great music too. HDB has a reputation for the nachos so I had to make the trip and see for myself. One cool thing about Las Cruses is that everything is literally 20min away at the most so if you want to get drunk and cab home it’s no big deal.

TIP: Go in the evening and hear a local band. It amps up the experience two fold.

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  • Name of Location: High Desert Brewery
  • URL of Location:
  • Zip Code: 88005
  • Value: 6
  • Appearance: 7
  • Ambience: 8
  • Taste: 6
  • Service: 8
  • Total: 35/50
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