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El Guapo’s
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Atmosphere: I really like this place. Outdoor eating always gets me and if I have to be inside I like that comfortable feeling and any uniqueness or quirkiness that can be extracted. El Guapo’s has an ample helping of each. Having a friendly staff helps too and Guapo’s has that too. Enough to be over the top, well no but well enough to make most of us very happy. Above average for sure.

Service: You know when you get to a place where the staff is well trained and actually like to be there. My experience was better than average for sure and I would say it is really hard to go over what is expected with a guy like me. The Bay area has high standards for service, not like NY but….. well you get the idea. This staff makes you want to come back and that’s a good thing.

Appearance: Let’s get the bad out of the way first. I expected a larger portion for the price I was paying. I would also say that nachos are always better when your eyes pop out of your head looking at “the mound” but this plate was far to flat. All that said, you can see the well played out arrangement of toppings. The colors were nice and there was clearly balance in what was served. Keep in mind that I don’t get guacamole and that would have added to the look, as would other toppings some folks like such as black olives or pickled onion.

Taste: So the carnitas had good flavor and the chips were better than average too Everything else basically as expected, with the cheese enough to tingle the taste buds. Very yummy and I would eat again but not anything special.

Value This is an area that could jump 2-3 points if the platter was a little bigger or if the price was a bit less. I will be the first to acknowledge that geographically this is one of the most expensive places in the US but you have to draw the line so

NOTE: Jesse commented that the food was very good and he would return. Another patron who had nachos (did not look the same as mine) said she came there once a month. I would also be a repeat customer.

A warm Spring day hanging out with my buddy Jesse finds us…. well at least me…. on a quest for nachos. Jesse indulges me and we happen upon El Guapo’s!!! There was no research, no expectations but there was good conversation & food. First impressions was a great place for drinking and probably attracts a younger crowd, but gazing around I found people off all walks o life. Not one person made a fuss that I was eating with a local TV personality. Jesse has worked on both coasts and won an Emmy or two as well so days like this area real pleasure. And I am famous in my own right being the world's foremost authority on NACHOS (ha ha ha ha).

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  • Name of Location: El Guapo's
  • URL of Location: http://handsometacos.com/menu/
  • Zip Code: 95008
  • Value: 4
  • Appearance: 6
  • Ambience: 7
  • Taste: 6
  • Service: 7
  • Total: 30/50
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