My Biggest Nacho Surprise To Date - Corned Beef Nachos Are Awesome!!!!


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Atmosphere: I hope I already set the stage. Pool table in the back, eat at the bar, kids welcome and FOOTBALL not Football. If you don’t like this place….. Then piss off!!!!!

Service: Some of the best staff in that City… say the County. But we are talking about today. The Green slipped a bit. I did make a few attempts to engage at the bar but it seems there were other priorities, even with only 4 other patrons.

Appearance: Sometimes it’s those simple things that make us happy. This is a great example of how to turn on a person’s senses. The vertical chips and the arranged onion give these nachos an edge. And as much as these look great, I still wish they were bigger.

NOTE: Consistency is not perfect either. See Video.

Taste: Well who would have thunk it? That delicious corned beef was perfect for nachos. And it didn’t even clash with the pickled onion. Chips are about as solid as you would want, a touch denser would add some crunch and longevity but not needed to make any mouth happy. Cheese well melted and everything balanced. I’ll say it again, Everything working in just the right proportions. One of the top guidelines to great nachos., these rock.

Value: You're in a bar and will probably being spending half the cost of these nachos on your first beer. That makes these a solid value. I did have a few chips left over so in a perfect world just a touch more cheese and beef would make this a great value, I just hate waste.

I lived in Millbrae for several years and have been to The Green many times. Sexy dates with my wife, the guys downing beer, and even family outings. It’s the kind of pub that everyone wishes they had down the block instead of an Applebee’s Sassy waitresses, great beer, food that tastes just as good even if you are not drunk.

Dining tip: Have them put aside a loaf of authentic soda bread for you to take home. So worth the price.

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  • Name of Location: Fidler’s Green
  • URL of Location:
  • Zip Code: 94030
  • Value: 7
  • Appearance: 7
  • Ambience: 8
  • Taste: 8
  • Service: 4
  • Total: 34/50
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