Nachos In The Rocky Mountains Of Colorado


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Atmosphere: As I mentioned, Ed’s has a true cantina feel and there are big windows with views of the mountains a nice bar area and patio seating if it’s not that cold out. I also like the privacy that the many booths offered. A blend of tourists and locals with a happy vibe emanating all about.

Service: I interacted with three people working there and everyone was on top of their game, nobody forgot us, favorite dishes were offered and we were checked on 3-4 times. This is a small tourist town so I am guessing that they know when you are not a local but you still feel like you are treated like one. That give Ed’s an above average score

Appearance: First off, I got the Bison and although chunks of steak are generally preferred, ground bison is a better way to serve as chunks can be more “chewy”. This is a small order for sure and not much of a mound. It does not cut it as a meal and could be a nice appetizer for two if you just wanted something to start. All that said, they did have a nice color and the sizzling platter is very cool. I would suggest a large size option for those that love nachos or have a party larger than two people. $14 would not be offensive. All in all the appearance makes you want more, I wanted to give more but sticking to my standards.

Taste: NOTE: Before I get on to the nachos I would like to say that my wife (who loves trout) had a fantastic grilled trout with black beans and corn. Very southwestern style and she said it was one of the best she ever had. Now the nachos.

Bison is awesome. Some who have never had any game may be a tad unsure of the taste and if you are not ready; you have other options. Chips flavorful and toppings fresh as well. Jalapeños were a tad hot for me but did not kill the plate, and I would appreciate a little more crunch to the chips, not they were bad in any way, just a preference. On that note they were perfectly matched for the salsa and I LOVED the salsa.

Value: As always you should take everything in context and in doing so these nachos were a good value at $7 for a small appetizer. You will see in the video that there were a few chips still on the plate and no toppings to cover them. For this I am just giving average value. You should be able to clean the place with a balance of ingredients. Ed’s is a very nice place and overall the experience is good as well as the food. Make sure you stop in for a local beer, nachos, or one of their other dishes. (we did come back another time and the experience was consistent)

There are restaurants, taquerias, and there are cantinas. Ed’s is appropriately named so sure, it has that cozy feel, a touch of family owned and service that has just the right attention to detail. Mrs. Nacho Hunter and myself were on another road trip to Utah and Colorado when we stopped off in Estes Park for a day of hiking in the mountains. So what do you eat after that????? NACHOS! We always try to find the locals joints on these trips. It is a combination of online research and talking to locals to find the best places to dine or explore. Ed’s was the unanimous response in Estes. Please check them out and see if the Nacho Hunter tee shirt is on display. This is the first place I gave one away.

TIP: If you visit Estes in October the Elk have the annual Rut and hundreds of Elk roam the town. Absolutely amazing. 

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  • Name of Location: Ed's Cantina
  • URL of Location:
  • Zip Code: 80517
  • Value: 5
  • Appearance: 6
  • Ambience: 6
  • Taste: 5
  • Service: 7
  • Total: 29/50
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