It's National Nachos Day!!!! Let's Eat - @ Guadalajara Grill San Mateo


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SERVICE: Always very nice folks working at GG. Food always arrives hot to your table with a smile and when the staff saw I was taking pics they all wanted to get in the shot, one even was flexing (ha ha) Very good score here. I would have given one more point if someone came to the table and asked if everything was good.

AMBIENCE: I like bars, pubs, and local hole in the walls best. There is a friendly vibe and it's great to see "community" thriving and that you can step right in without a peep. The bright colors the sounds and the chatter of customers set a great stage too. Unless you're a snob then GG will suit you fine.

APPEARANCE: Out of the gate there were few things I would pick about; the plops of sour cream and diced tomatoes and that I did not see bean right off the bat is it. An ok mound of chips and looked to bee some layering. Toss on a few jalapenos and the nacho rainbow is complete. Size was nice too.

TASTE: I want to start with the chips, I love the chips. These were a great balance, maybe a tad more salt.... The right cheese and toppings were just fine. The meat could have used some more flavor. I wondering if the finely chopped bits had anything to do with it. The jalapenos were a little flat too, but not bad. More cheese would help in this category and if I had the guacamole I am sure it would help. I actually likes drizzling the green salsa on top!!!

VALUE: This a very good value for San Mateo and I bet that because it is off the beaten path it will stay a bargain. For $8.50 you get a solid portion that tastes good and with a little improvement would get 1-2 more points here.

This is a neighbourhood taqueria that serves up some amazing burritos and pretty good nachos too. Due to my schedule I had limited time for nachos but as it is NND I had to stop in where I could. Note this today's experience was not as good as those in the past. About 6mos ago I had much better, but we don't really could the best time, it's the time you go to review.

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  • Name of Location: Guadalajara Grill
  • URL of Location:
  • Zip Code: 94403
  • Value: 7
  • Appearance: 6
  • Ambience: 6
  • Taste: 6
  • Service: 7
  • Total: 32/50
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