Celebrities Who Have Shown Their Love For Nachos

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Prince Fielder - Caught on National TV poaching a nacho from a fan, he later admitted he loves them.



Jennifer Aniston - Caught in the act and professed her love, she should be our national spokeswoman

Obama - Next to Bill Clinton I think Obama comes in second as the President that loves being seen eating something.  


Anna Farris - In her 2013 interview, said she loves nachos so much, she would have made the Cloudy sequel Cloudy With a Chance of Nachos


Jay McCarroll - Like Rick Ross, Jay says screw it on his cheat days.  Nachos are fair game.



Victor Cruz -  Oh Yeah!  Bring on the Nachos.


Rick Ross - Even when he went on a weight loss bing, he still said nachos will not be denied.


Justin Bieber - Caught in the act several times, mostly at sporting events.


Neil Patrick Harris - Has expressed his love of nachos on Twitter more than once.  He Even posted a pic of his creation.



Jessica Alba - In her Maxim interview she enthusiastically said she loves nachos..... and Tequila!!!



Mark Wahlberg - Love nachos but not enough to put them on the Wahlburgers menu  : (


Jennifer Lopez - If nachos go to her ass then she really loves them.



Kevin Love - Dude loves them so much he creates his own concoction and it goes viral 


Jimmy Kimmel - I challenge Jimmy to eat that platter in less than 25min!


Taraji Henson - Caught in the act more than once but has yet to confess her love



Jenny Mcarthy - Loves Nachos and her nacho man



Cameron Diaz - Dame that girl eats everything and still looks smokin hot.



 Bo Jackson - Recently at a Sox Surprise day, Bo asked for some nachos then tosses some apparel in exchange. 




The following list covers celebrities that have either publicly expressed their love of nachos or have been caught in the act.  Most of these Nachohalics have been covered on similar lists in the past.  It is my hope that we can make this a comprehensive living list that grows over time. Please send any leads to The Nacho Hunter.


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