The Nacho Hunter's Favorite Nacho Memes

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And a very respectful thanks to those who have have created the Memes posted today.

Does Anyone Know What Character This is?



The Ferret Knows



LOTR Wisdom



Yes Beavis, they RULE!



Can't Argue With That



Kill You or Eat You??? 


Gotta Love X, he has a way with words

Why Yes Patrick, They Are


Did You Think I Would Forget The Great One?



I love memes, they are a great reflection of popular culture.  Over the past year or so I have collected a few and would like to share them here. I hope that if you find ones you enjoy OR would like to create some yourself; that you share them with the community.

Last modified on Thursday, 17 September 2015 20:08

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  • Amazing Food Truck Nachos - San Francisco CA - Señor Sisig

    My perfect day is out and about in San Francisco doing Street Photography. I have been an active photographer for the better part of my life, AND loved nachos for the same period, they go hand and hand. On this day I decided to wait in line (a good 15min) to get some nachos that were on my bucket list. Even better, it was a sunny day and they did not disappoint. Señor Sisig has been on the food radar of many including Guy Fieri so if you have not given them a shot please do. Tip for tourists: They have a truck by the Cable Car turnaround on Market Street just down from Union Square every now and then.

  • Crazy Good Happy Hour Nachos from Applebees

    So I have mentioned a few time that I was taken by and editorial that ranked the best chain restaurant nachos and that I wanted to see for myself just how good they were. Not off of the ranked establishments are local to me but I am working through the list and will substitute if I can. This trip takes me to Applebee’s, a combination family restaurant and happy hour style bar for the “office space” crowd. So here is how it went….

  • Totally Stoned & Awesome Nachos = Totally Awesome Stoner Nachos!!!!!

    Per request from the Twitter Poll, 55% of you asked to see me eat nachos stoned….. so I went back to the scene of the crime and got STONED just for you. This is less of a review than it is trying to compare the sober version to the stoned one. Honestly, I think I need to do this one more time, but with a HOMEMADE platter. Had to wait an hour to drive home LOL!

  • Taco Tuesday @ Moreno's Taqueria - Something Epic

    It was on a slow Taco Tuesday that I got the notion to venture out and get some nachos. Yes, I know, it’s “taco” Tuesday not nacho Tuesday but that’s how the Nacho Hunter does it. In the end, this is a must try nacho joint if you are in the bay area.

  • Epic Salsa Bar!!! Nachos Epic Fail!!! - Taqueria Pancho Villa San Mateo

    The base for a plate of nachos is the chip; it is the single most important component followed by cheese and meat. The other component is what kind of experience you can have when getting your nachos. All that said, the leadup experience to my nachos today was better than the end result.

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