7 Insanely Huge Nachos


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Sammy Hagars Cabo Wabo Cantina

The "Can't Drive 55" platter is something to marvel. Eight pounds, $55, and a great selection of tequila to wash it down.  http://www.cabowabocantina.com



Tios Mexican Café

Put on the map when featured on Man vs Food, they serve up a 5 pound belly buster called the Mount Nachismo Challenge. http://www.tiosmexicancafe.com/aboutus.php




Huckleberry's American Diner

Located in York, as in the United Kingdom!!!!  A modest 4lbs but also includes a big bowl of ice cream


Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville 

Personally completed this mountain of goodness in Las Vegas.  Yes I did it solo, but not for time. http://www.margaritavillelasvegas.com 



The Sandbar Sports Grill

Saw this on Twitter a few days back.  What could be better Beach, nachos and a cold bear. http://www.sandbarsportsgrill.com 



Village Tavern Nachos

The NACHORAMA!!! Just the sight is enough to make you take pause in what you just ordered.



Bar 12

This now closed establishment once held a top spot.  Check out Randy Santel set a speed record!!! 



There are those days when your brain says, MORE IS BETTER, and it's right!!!  However when presented with the following, maybe you better bring backup. The only item on this list that The Nacho Hunter has attacked, is the Margheritavill's platter in Las Vegas.  ... and YES I did eat all of it.  Anyone out there who has attempted the others please submit a full review. 



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  • Tequila... Drunk... Nachos... for Cinco De Mayo - Cocina Central

    Ok, so this is a little bit after the fact but The Hunter has been busy eating :) This past May 5th was punctuated by a great lunch with my best buddy Jesse G. I was early and he tends to run late so I felt I may as well start with the Monthly flight of Tequila. Cocina has an amazing selection and very knowledgable staff so I highly recommend this place just on that fact alone. The Hunter really tested them, and consumed a solid four shots and a beer. (ok so maybe not drunk, but well buzzed for sure). So let’s talk NACHOS!

  • The Best Nachos I Ate This Week!!! - LuLu"s Menlo Park

    I have eaten at this establishment a few times. LuLu’s sits between a Deli / Coffee house and a Burger joint and a few small retail business just off Sand Hill Road. I was going to dad’s but wanted to eat first so I stopped in on a nice sunny weekday for a late lunch.

  • Nachos 101 needed for Houlihan"s South San Francisco

    Ok, so here I go again with another chain restaurant breaking my rules. Well this time I have a reason. Recently I saw a review of the best and worst chain nachos. So I am going to try and match that review as best I can to see if they are as good as the Hunter in reviewing nachos.

  • It's National Nachos Day!!!! Let's Eat - @ Guadalajara Grill San Mateo

    This is a neighbourhood taqueria that serves up some amazing burritos and pretty good nachos too. Due to my schedule I had limited time for nachos but as it is NND I had to stop in where I could. Note this today's experience was not as good as those in the past. About 6mos ago I had much better, but we don't really could the best time, it's the time you go to review.

  • Great Beer, Great Memories, and an almost perfect platter of nachos - Buffalo Bills Hayward CA

    OMG! Talk about having high expectations. I have been going to Buffalo Bill's for ages but it has been well over three years since my last visit. This is home to what is considered by many to be the birthplace of micro brewing in the US or at least the West Coast. It is also a place that has served up great pub food to locals and the college crowd too.  It was a slow Monday so sat by the window thinking if it was only a nice sunny day.  This joint has very different crowds depending on the time and day of the week.  That said the quality of the beer and food never disappoints.  Please cut me some slack as this was one of the first videos I did and never really felt it was worth publishing but just love this place.  Try to look past the presentation and see for yourself how great these nachos look.

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