Ok, so it was a nice sunny day I knew that Sancho's had really good tacos from previous visits, so I figured the nachos would be just as good. The tricky thing about nachos is that what looks like a great at first can go bad very fast. Note that i gave some nice average marks for this review. The taste was good, the settings was ok, they looked good at first, but they just forgot the number one rule in nachos; IT'S ALL ABOUT THE CHIPS!!!! Your chips must be crunchy and be able to hold up for at least the majority of the meal. There should never be a pool of liquid at the bottom of the plate. I may go back one day and give these guys a second chance but with so many other choices in that area it could be a few months. If any Hunters have a better experience there please do a second review or make a comment below.

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  • Name of Location Sancho's
  • URL of Location http://sanchostaqueria.com/
  • Zip Code 94301
  • Value 6
  • Appearance 5
  • Ambience 5
  • Taste 5
  • Service 3
  • Total 24/50