Ok, so this is a little bit after the fact but The Hunter has been busy eating :) This past May 5th was punctuated by a great lunch with my best buddy Jesse G. I was early and he tends to run late so I felt I may as well start with the Monthly flight of Tequila. Cocina has an amazing selection and very knowledgable staff so I highly recommend this place just on that fact alone. The Hunter really tested them, and consumed a solid four shots and a beer. (ok so maybe not drunk, but well buzzed for sure). So let’s talk NACHOS!

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  • Name of Location Cocina Central
  • URL of Location http://www.cocinacentral.co/
  • Zip Code 94040
  • Value 7
  • Appearance 8
  • Ambience 6
  • Taste 7
  • Service 8
  • Total 36/50