This is from my 2015 road trip that covered Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada. This is my first try at doing a slide show and shortening the presentation. Please let me know what you think of the format. If you ever get out to Southern Utah for some hiking then Zion is a MUST and so is Oscar's even if you don't get the nachos. If you do, then plan on sharing with 3-4 folks like the guys at the table next to me did. I got a big thumbs up from them as well. SERVICE: Great service from the staff that looked like mostly college students so please tip well. Our waiter did not skip a beat and it was a full house with a few demanding tourists as well (I hate loud obnoxious tourists). AMBIENCE: Oscars is a fun place, suitable for families, couples; only the very snooty folks would want another option. I would suggest waiting for an outside table unless weather prohibits it. VALUE: The price is great given the quality of the chips and meat, as well as the abundant toppings. Also, not that this is a tourist town and many dining options are very overpriced. TASTE: Awesome for the Nacho Hunter. I got most of my favorites spot on. The beans had a rich flavor, pork well seasoned, and tri-color chips!!! APPEARANCE: The little extras of corn and diced tomato blended with tri-color chips in a Southwestern style bowl gave this platter a decided edge.

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