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Why The Nacho Hunter?

  1. Nacho Hunter was created out of the simple love of the dish. Like so many out there that that have wanted to share their love and experiences, The Nacho Hunter set out to Blog, write, photograph and create video reviews of his favorite haunts.

  2. Suddenly an idea hit! What if there was a community of Fans, Bloggers, Chefs, Restaurants, and Foodies all with the same passion? What if this single point of publication could leverage the collective content created to become a real destination offing something for everyone?

  3. Lastly, Nachos are “A THING” and always have been, but in 2015 they get their due. And the Nacho Hunter is going to make sure that they stay this way. With your
    help :)

Who is the Nacho Hunter?

The Nacho Hunter is just a guy, who has an abnormal passion for nachos. When on vacation, walking at an art and wine festival, or planning a Friday night dinner; the question of “how does nachos sound” always comes up. The Nacho Hunter has eaten nachos on the island of Santorini Greece to Manhattan NY and Whistler BC. There are even plans for a multi-week trip in the South Western US and nachos will be included.

The Nacho Hunter feels that searching out and enjoying a plate of nachos is an actual adventure; thus we here at NachoHunter.com ask you to “Share Your Nacho Adventures” whether alone or with friends, nachos are always a good time.

The Nacho Hunter is also a big fan of beer and tequila; so you will find the occasional review of these subjects. Please note that The Nacho Hunter is NOT the final word on everything NACHO so please be nice and share your knowledge and opinions with a smile. If a correction needs to be made please email support.

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Who Should Join NachoHunter.com?

The Nacho Hunter is calling out all lovers of nachos. Be apart of the first social community focused on nachos. Share your passion for and adventures in nachos!



Do you love nachos? I love nachos, and I love to share my nacho adventures with anyone who would like to join in. If you also like to share your nacho adventures and hear about others then this is the place to be. Being part of the Nacho Hunter community also offers you the ability to find great places to enjoy nachos, meet new friends to share nachos with, and to find great deals in your area.

Bloggers / Foodies

The Nacho Hunter also welcomes Bloggers too. Post your content here too for extra traffic and show your support to the nacho community. Maybe you have a Blog and are not that active, maybe even dropped posting; The Nacho Hunter urges you to get back in the game. Make reposts and moving forward use the platform as your new Blogging option.

The Nacho Hunter also wants to show his appreciation by offering a special gift to the first 25 registered Bloggers. I will send you at no cost, a Limited Edition Nacho Hunter Tee Shirt. There will be only 50 ever produced so you will be in great company.

Restaurants, Pubs or Chefs

If you would like to showcase your culinary talents then by all means please join our community. OF SPECIAL NOTE, your presentation will be marked as “provided by” your restaurant. Your presentation is NOT A REVIEW. Nacho Hunter encourages the nacho loving public to seek out your nachos and review for themselves. This is your opportunity to market your establishment and showcase your kitchen and offering. So if you have the real deal in your kitchen, then the Nacho Hunter is calling you out.

Posting Tips

NachoHunter.com is designed to be curated content and for now The Nacho Hunter will act as an editor to ensure content is consistent and tasteful. Please contact if you have questions or what to submit something outside of the norm. When posting think of the following:


  1. 1) FORMAT: Videos are the best format as Nacho Hunter also has a YouTube channel and this format gives the viewer the best context. You can always add notes. If no video then high quality photos. You can submit 1-10 photos, groups should be submitted as a slide show.

  2. 2) DEPTH: Submissions can be short and sweet or intensive. That said, please think of the reader. A good rule of thumb is no more than 800 words or less than 10min video.

  3. 3) VOICE: Try to develop and keep a constant tone as well as context. This will help with users expectations. For example: Your pros / cons, start with venue, same intro / outro etc...

  4. 4) DETAILS: When possible get the details. Were the chips house made, address, or how you came to get there.

  5. 5) HAVE FUN: Do I really have to explain this?



Q: Why do I have to create an account?
A: The website has many features that are only accessible with an account. It is also the best way to show your appreciation for nachos.

Q: How do I become an Expert Hunter or VIP
A: Expert hunters have an existing Blog. They are proven reviewers committed to the cause. You can also become an Expert if your Ranking achieves a certain level. VIP status is only for celebrities.

Q: Am I allowed to post backlinks in my review
A: Yes, you can post links to your Blog or the restaurant you are at etc. However, we ask that you do not link users to irrelevant content or something offensive. Those links will be removed by our Editor

Q: Why is my post different from what was submitted
A: All posts do get reviewed by an Editor. Changes are made for grammar etc.. The Editor may also ask you for a revision in some cases

Q: Why don’t I see my post? It has been three days since I submitted.
A: Nacho Hunter tries to post on a consistent basis for maximum user experience and web ranking. At times we may have a backlog of submissions or hold a post for a particular publish date. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have questions. I some cases your submission may be rejected. If it is you will get a reason and an opportunity to resubmit.

Q: Is my information secure?
A: The website employs security measures designed to protect our users. That said, hackers are getting smarter, so there is never a guarantee something can’t happen.

Q: Will Nacho Hunter accept reviews for non-nacho topics
A: Yes, but they should be closely related. For Example: You can submit an article on Beer that goes well with nachos. OR


Contact Information

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