The Nacho Hunter's Favorite Nacho Memes

I love memes, they are a great reflection of popular culture.  Over the past year or so I have collected a few and would like to share them here. I hope that if you find ones you enjoy OR would like to create some yourself; that you share them with the community.

The Second Best Part of Zion National Park - NACHOS!


This is from my 2015 road trip that covered Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada. This is my first try at doing a slide show and shortening the presentation. Please let me know what you think of the format. If you ever get out to Southern Utah for some hiking then Zion is a MUST and so is Oscar's even if you don't get the nachos. If you do, then plan on sharing with 3-4 folks like the guys at the table next to me did. I got a big thumbs up from them as well. SERVICE: Great service from the staff that looked like mostly college students so please tip well. Our waiter did not skip a beat and it was a full house with a few demanding tourists as well (I hate loud obnoxious tourists). AMBIENCE: Oscars is a fun place, suitable for families, couples; only the very snooty folks would want another option. I would suggest waiting for an outside table unless weather prohibits it. VALUE: The price is great given the quality of the chips and meat, as well as the abundant toppings. Also, not that this is a tourist town and many dining options are very overpriced. TASTE: Awesome for the Nacho Hunter. I got most of my favorites spot on. The beans had a rich flavor, pork well seasoned, and tri-color chips!!! APPEARANCE: The little extras of corn and diced tomato blended with tri-color chips in a Southwestern style bowl gave this platter a decided edge.

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  • Name of Location Oscar's Cafe
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  • Zip Code 84767
  • Total 31/50


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    First, I made pico de gallo. Combine tomatoes, onions, jalapeños, cilantro and lime juice. Season with salt and pepper and set aside.

    Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Then, drizzle your matzah pieces with olive oil, salt and pepper. B

Sanchos Palo Alto - Stick to the tacos!!!! Nachos failed :(


Ok, so it was a nice sunny day I knew that Sancho's had really good tacos from previous visits, so I figured the nachos would be just as good. The tricky thing about nachos is that what looks like a great at first can go bad very fast. Note that i gave some nice average marks for this review. The taste was good, the settings was ok, they looked good at first, but they just forgot the number one rule in nachos; IT'S ALL ABOUT THE CHIPS!!!! Your chips must be crunchy and be able to hold up for at least the majority of the meal. There should never be a pool of liquid at the bottom of the plate. I may go back one day and give these guys a second chance but with so many other choices in that area it could be a few months. If any Hunters have a better experience there please do a second review or make a comment below.

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  • Name of Location Sancho's
  • URL of Location
  • Zip Code 94301
  • Total 24/50

Iguanas aka Burritozilla - Falling Short on the Cheese


My buddy David H tipped me off to this place. David said these were solid and worth the drive to SJ. Well David, I got news for you brotha. I think you need to raise the bar just a tad more. Don't get me wrong, these were some good nachos, but they did not measure up to the expectation. So let's get to it; how good were they? Iguanas was just a bit better than average for a joint that mostly does takeout for the working crowd and college students. They were priced to target that audience yet I feel they could have offered a bit larger portion to make the value better. Nothing that special about how they looked either lacking the color of salsa or red onion etc... The one bonus is the location, some good parking options and outdoor seating under some shade trees make your nacho eating experience a pleasure. Service was better than expected. With the many options, the cashier was more than glad to give a run down and make a few suggestions. The double cheese was one and I wish I had taken that option. I was also able to check out the restroom and can report it was very clean. If you were in the area for a meeting, or FANIME or taking a class at city collage then this joint is within walking distance and would be a good bet, even with the large variety of competition for your dollars. David.... next time I'm taking you for some serious nachos, just so you know where I'm coming from :) .

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  • Name of Location Iguanas
  • URL of Location
  • Zip Code 95112
  • Total 25/50