A Hidden NACHO GEM in Santa Fe - La Choza aka The Shed


Description: Part of the 2015 Southwest road trip, this was the second opportunity to get nachos. La Choza is by far a better option than The Shed you find in downtown Santa Fe.... just hope you can find the place and don't show up late!!! These were really good nachos as you will see, the only problem was they were out-shined by the blue corn tacos with green sauce.

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  • Name of Location La Choza
  • URL of Location www.lachozasf.com
  • Zip Code 87505
  • Total 36/50

Celebrities Who Have Shown Their Love For Nachos

The following list covers celebrities that have either publicly expressed their love of nachos or have been caught in the act.  Most of these Nachohalics have been covered on similar lists in the past.  It is my hope that we can make this a comprehensive living list that grows over time. Please send any leads to The Nacho Hunter.


BEST DAMN NACHOS CHIPS and more - Cheesecake Factory - San Mateo CA


I don't like to call myself a foodie as that implies I have a higher bar, like not doing reviews of chain restaurants. Oh wait, I did have that rule.... DID! It still kinda kills me to give a chain such high marks but TCF did a great job. Well as the story goes, I went shopping with my wife and after a few stores I was quickly dispatched to find something to do. Cmmmmmm what shall I do? GET NACHOS! The closest place was Cheesecake Factory and said, what the hell, I’ll do a chain restaurant. So here we go folks:

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  • Name of Location The Cheesecake Factory
  • URL of Location www.thecheesecakefactory.com
  • Zip Code 94402
  • Total 34/50

Great Beer, Great Memories, and an almost perfect platter of nachos - Buffalo Bills Hayward CA


  • 30 September 2015
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OMG! Talk about having high expectations. I have been going to Buffalo Bill's for ages but it has been well over three years since my last visit. This is home to what is considered by many to be the birthplace of micro brewing in the US or at least the West Coast. It is also a place that has served up great pub food to locals and the college crowd too.  It was a slow Monday so sat by the window thinking if it was only a nice sunny day.  This joint has very different crowds depending on the time and day of the week.  That said the quality of the beer and food never disappoints.  Please cut me some slack as this was one of the first videos I did and never really felt it was worth publishing but just love this place.  Try to look past the presentation and see for yourself how great these nachos look.

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  • Name of Location Buffalo Bill's
  • URL of Location www.http://buffalobillsbrewery.com
  • Zip Code 94541
  • Total 33/50

7 Insanely Huge Nachos

There are those days when your brain says, MORE IS BETTER, and it's right!!!  However when presented with the following, maybe you better bring backup. The only item on this list that The Nacho Hunter has attacked, is the Margheritavill's platter in Las Vegas.  ... and YES I did eat all of it.  Anyone out there who has attempted the others please submit a full review.