The Colorado Road Trip.... Nachos Every Day! Javier’s Diner


Nachos Every Day! Javier’s Diner
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Atmosphere: This looks like a fun place to be. There is a large outside area and you walk right into the kitchen area. The vibe in authentic, you feel welcome right away. This place could be dropping in the middle of Bfs Mission District and feel right at home. Good score.

Service: Service was as expected for the time of day. It was a little busy but nothing to complain about Food arrived hot and we were given advice on ordering etc. I was even walked to where the restrooms were.

NOTE: They were nice and clean.

Appearance: Well if you have seen a few of my reviews I have some high standards and I have my preferences too. Right off the bat I thought, these look nice, color etc. Then I went into “analysis mode” and say the lettuce, liquid oozing out and a general lack of chips. Flag going up.  Appearances may be deceiving at first.

Taste: It is such a common let down when you have chips that taste great by themselves, beef well seasoned but an inordinate amount of moisture killing the whole experience. This is what happened here. The chips died off too fast I had to get extra chips to finish them off. My opinion is that the beef should have been drained, whole beans and maybe a tad less cheese and/or more chips to get a better balance. I’m giving these average as it would only take a slight adjustment to make them special.

Value I am going with an average value. The proportion was good but as I mentioned they fell apart to fast. fixing the items in Taste would add a point for sure. Eating nachos at Javier’s was in no way a bad experience but it did not wow in any particular area. I would think that if it was a Friday night and I had a few drinks the atmosphere would be better and so would downing those nachos. I hope to come back again one day under those conditions.

Spent the day checking out the various neighborhoods of Denver and came across the trendy yet unpretentious area of Tennyson Street. All day any day this seems like a very cool area to be in. We were trying to compare it and came up with a cross between the bay Area’s Castro and The Mission yet no attitude. The time for nachos is when you are hungry and standing right in front of a Mexican restaurant. Clearly a locals place that dates back before the gentrification came and it was busy, so this must be a good place to eat.

TIP: Great tattoo parlor, art theater, and very walkable area.

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  • Name of Location: Javier’s Diner
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  • Zip Code: 80212
  • Value: 5
  • Appearance: 5
  • Ambience: 5
  • Taste: 5
  • Service: 5
  • Total: 25/50
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