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SERVICE: Right off the bat, great service with one guy pointing me to the restroom, a smiling waitress saying try the bar. So I sit down at the bar and get a friendly quick delivering bartender. Better than expected based on prior visits to other Appelbee’s

AMBIENCE: It’s ok, I mean it is a chain restaurant and the atmosphere is overly manufactured and generic. That said, it was clean, bright and the music and TVs were not overpowering. I was very amused actually that they were playing obscure 70s /80s hits like Chucky’s In Love and Ring My Bell LOL! I’m going to give it better than average.  Like I said in the review, if you work at Innotech, eat here over Chachkies LOL!!!!

APPEARANCE: These were decent looking nachos, not special, but I like to keep it all in context.  Missing was the Guaq that most people get and I would have loved tri-color chips as well; but this is not a perfect world.  Ok, maybe I'm being hard, they really do get your mouth ready to chomp down on a chip and stuff yourself.  Better than average for sure.

TASTE: This is a stupid segment to review as anything that has cheese, meat, and all that yumminess mixed together will taste good. Just look how excited I was with the Carne Asada. They were really good; in fact these gave my top pick so far a run for the money.  As no two platters are the same I want to say that I was very satisfied, just look at the plate..... and when do I ever say Yum yum yummy? LOL!!!!!

VALUE: Very good value, this place is still a great way to spend $10 on a meal. When you look at the crap I had at Houlihan’s these were epic.

So I have mentioned a few time that I was taken by and editorial that ranked the best chain restaurant nachos and that I wanted to see for myself just how good they were. Not off of the ranked establishments are local to me but I am working through the list and will substitute if I can. This trip takes me to Applebee’s, a combination family restaurant and happy hour style bar for the “office space” crowd. So here is how it went….

  • Rating

  • Name of Location: Applebee's
  • URL of Location:
  • Zip Code: 94063
  • Value: 6
  • Appearance: 7
  • Ambience: 7
  • Taste: 8
  • Service: 9
  • Total: 37/50
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