WTF are Freeway Nachos? And Why do I Want More? - El Metate San Carlos


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SERVICE: I like the service here. I feel they are better than most taquerias. You may even get a smile from a cook! The food is always hot and delivered to your table by friendly staff. I have even done phone orders and got great service, so above average, just not over the top.

AMBIENCE: I'm sitting by the freeway!!! not that cool and the light industrial buildings and occasional drunk from the bar are not ideal. But go inside and the feel is much better. I love the colorful chairs and the layout is nice. The family style tables are great for groups too. Even the staff make El Metate a pleasant place to eat. They would have got a 6.5 if it were not for the one outside table I was eating at. Get a few more tables and pipe music

APPEARANCE: I have had better looking nachos but these are not a disappointment. When I ask for no Guaq I generally get a bit more of the other toppings. I do however wish they had sliced jalapenos, that would add to the overall look. Honestly, maybe just a hint less of the tomatoes and sour cream and as usual, I always like the way whole black beans look when added to the mix.

TASTE: These almost qualify for stoner nachos as you would score them higher with a few shots and a beer. But they are not, and not epic either. What they are; is a well above average plate of yummy nachos. The meats here are very consistent and good, the salsa always fresh, and the cheese what would would expect. Lastly the chips are good. The taste is right, they just soak up moisture a tad fast (should have got whole beans). I did temper the score a bit as although the carnitas is some of the best I have had, that is not the only consideration.

VALUE: Pricing is in line with what other taquerias charge in the area. There service size is also about the same with a few others a bit larger. That said, I scored a bit better than average. Email me if you would like info on the Danny Dorito Tee Shirt!

Old habits are hard to break; so who the fuck wants to mess with that!!!!! I have been to El Metate more times than I can count. It was just around the corner from work for eight years. So when I was striking out all over town (Hunting for Nachos) I just pulled in and got a solid plate from a reliable source........... 

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  • Name of Location: El Metate
  • URL of Location:
  • Zip Code: 94002
  • Value: 6
  • Appearance: 6
  • Ambience: 5
  • Taste: 7
  • Service: 6
  • Total: 30/50
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