Eating nachos Like a Total PIG!!!


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Took the day off for my birthday and could not find one person to hang out with so what do I do? GET NACHOS :) Feeling a bit lazy I was just driving around town till I came across a joint that I frequently get burritos from; so I think nachos, right? Please don't mind the enthusiasm and the bad shave today. SERVICE: Not much to say here as this is a local taqueria. A pleasant smile and quickly dropping food off on the table so a less than average score. AMBIENCE: They pick up a few extra points for the decor and the clientele that frequent the place, this all pushes the score up over average. Any time you can feel excited about being someplace, the activity or the food just is that much better. ....and it was my birthday :) VALUE: Very Good pricing, considering the area. Many people do not realize that the surrounding burbs of SF can be and are often more expensive. At $7.95 this is well below what would be expected for the portion and the quality. They could get $1.50 more if they wanted, but I hope they don't. APPEARANCE: I nice plate and it was layered but there was not enough to put them into OMG territory. And nothing about the appearance would put you off (e.g. liquid puddles). TASTE: As I ALWAYS say go hungry to get your nachos, and I was. For me taste is helped by everything else, you are in a good mood, you're hungry, the food looks good, and it actually does taste great. Today it was almost a seven, but as we don't have half marks on the scoring I went one lower. I wanted to give them a seven but kept thinking that it was all these other factors and I was not looking at pure taste. Was that wrong of me? Should I go ahead and give in to all the emotions????? Let's see some comments. Location: Website Facebook Pinterest Twitter Instagram

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  • Name of Location: Charlie's Taqueria
  • URL of Location:
  • Zip Code: 94402
  • Value: 7
  • Appearance: 5
  • Ambience: 6
  • Taste: 6
  • Service: 4
  • Total: 28/50
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